elewana coffee lodge

Africa has long been regarded as a the ultimate destination – a cradle of humanity – that offers some of the most rewarding experiences that any discerning world-traveler could wish for. At Elewana Coffee Lodge you will meet humanity and hospitality blended together to make the travelers  comfortable and relaxing.

Each of the camps, lodges and hotels within the Elewana Collection has been carefully selected for their unique accommodations and their iconic locations, providing close access to all the drama and spectacle of African wildlife in exceptional comfort.

From the slopes of Mount Meru to the vast plains of the Serengeti, the Elewana Collection of Camps, Lodges and Hotels deliver an experience that results in lifelong memories and a ever-lasting love for Africa.

Dreamlike tree-houses, a superlative manor house, a luxurious tented camp, and beach-side hotels kissed by the warm waters of the sparkling Indian Ocean, The Elewana Collection delivers the ultimate African experience. Read more…

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