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Coming from the East, Rhino is the first lodge after entering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area through the Loduare Gate. From the lodge it is only 20 minutes to reach the Seneto descent road into the Crater, and the Lerai ascent road is less than 5 minutes drive away.

The lodge is situated at an altitude of 2,200 metres, a few hundred metres back from the rim of the Crater. What it loses in terms of outlook over the Crater, it more than makes up for with its views of untouched high montane forest with Mount Oldeani (3,200 metres) dominating the background, and Mount Makarot in the distance (3130 metres).

Stretching across 8,300 square km of dense forest, vast grasslands, and a multitude of stunning craters and lakes, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to the famous Ngorongoro Crater.

There are 24 guest rooms, all with verandah overlooking a stretch of high montane forest. Each room has its own shower, toilet and hand basin.

To keep away the cold each room has a wood-burning stove, and hot water bottles can be filled if you want one.

In the bar/dining-room there are two large fires which are a natural focus where our guests like to meet and exchange stories of the day.

Hot, tasty food is available from the buffet. And after dinner our Maasai staff may entertain you with some traditional dancing.

  • Clothing: Because of the high altitude (2,200 metres above sea level) the nights can be chilly. We provide wood-burning stoves in the room and hot water bottles. Nevertheless warm clothing is essential.
  • Meal Times:  Breakfast: 06.00 – 09.00 (Earlier breakfast can be arranged on request)Lunch: 12:30 – 14:30 (Please order lunch boxes from reception the night before)Dinner: 19:30 – 20:30Tea and coffee are freely available at all times.Drinking water: Please do not drink the tap water. There is jug of filtered water in your room.
  • Electricity: We are not connected to the Tanzania national supply grid. We have to generate all our power through a combination of generators, inverters (batteries) and solar panels. Electricity is therefore a valuable resource and we request you please to be careful how you use it and moderate your consumption. A generator is operating from 05.00 to 08.00, and from 18.00 to 21.00. We kindly request you to charge any electronic equipment ONLY when the generator is running. After 21.00 the generator is switched off and a limited amount of electricity is available from our storage batteries for lighting. The voltage is 220 volts.
  • Hot Water: This is provided by electric heaters close to your room. It may just happen that you will find the water for your shower is not hot. This may be because one of your neighbours has just taken a shower and used all the water! In this case, please wait for 15-20 minutes to allow the water to heat up again. Please be considerate of others by not wasting hot water.To fill your hot water bottle, please bring it to the dining-room and hand it to a waiter.
  • Television: If you want to catch up with the news, there is a television at reception, available when the generator is on.
  • Games: We have a selection of games such as bao (a Tanzanian speciality which our staff will explain to you), draughts, Scrabble and playing cards.
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