Tanzania Safari and Tours

Zanzibar beach – the name says it all. Only 15 minutes by plane from Dar es salaam,mainland lies the wonderfully sleepy island of Zanzibar. The obvious beach tack-on to a safari in mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar beach is East Africa’s finest beach destination surrounded by coral reefs with numerous idyllic beaches lined by huge sweeping palm trees.

Though most visitors spend a night or two in Zanzibar’s Stone Town, it is the beaches, snorkeling and diving that attract people to Zanzibar’s shores, and with an ever increasing tourist trade, it is remarkable.

Zanzibar is much larger than one might expect; driving from top to bottom takes about two hours. Stone Town and the airport are found on the Western edge, with a transfer from any beach lodge taking about an hour. The island’s best beaches for a Zanzibar beach Holidays are found on Zanzibar’s Eastern and Northern coastline with miles and miles of seemingly endless beaches, and a wealth of accommodation choice.

Western Zanzibar (where Stone Town is located) and Southern Zanzibar have small beaches. Zanzibar is the jewel in any Africa and Tanzania Holiday.